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Where the hell are we?

I'll tell you where we are!!!

Dennis can be found at www.dsmitch.com.

Kevin can be found at ktyers.blogspot.com.

Alex can be found in Costa Rica (at present time)

Marc can be found.... somewhere?

The boys.


yea... probably actually.

No ones posted lately... I refuse to post my sad emoness when its around, and that is the only time i feel like i want to write. so I think Dennis is right. My scars here are a bit too much.

Check back once in a while, Im probably gonan start my own site for the Music stuff I have been doing.

goodnight forever my love,


It's become a bit run down here...

Hi all! It's been ages since I last posted on this site of memories. Several reasons.

One, I now have my own website/blog that I have quite fell in love with. (www.dsmitch.com).

Two, I was not pleased at the direction this blog was going for me. Every time I posted, it was generally about my crappy mood, or went too deep into details about my life that, upon further thought, should not be made readily avilable to the public eye. So, in that sense, I've decided to keep my personal life, at least for now, more personal and confined to close friends.

Three, this site carries some bad memories from the past year that I'd like to forget. When the apartment commences, I'm sure we can all talk about the future of this blog, or any other similar venture by the group.

I do hate to see it die, but I'm not confortable with how it was going on here for me.

Thoughts for now.


Alex, don't read this.

" Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday defended his recent harsh criticism of Republicans, including his observation that they are "pretty much a white, Christian party." "

Godspeed you, Howard Dean.

All the love,



Well here I am, taking one for the team. I gotta get up in about 6 hours, but I'm here pumping life into this vegetable of a website. Interesting events have transpired in the past few weeks, leaving me at a bit of a loss as to direction and planning in my life. I seem to be teetering on a climax between two completely different paths. And sadly, as so often i feel in my life, i have very little impact on the direction in which I'll travel. A mere passenger.

I think we all forget a little too often that the sun will always rise tomorrow. In life, people tend to get very wrapped up in the contention of the moment, and neglect the long term - or the fact that there even IS a long term at all. I feel increasingly excited about what the future will bring, partly due to the fact that the past few weeks have brought with them a more overt sense of independence in me, and even though i don't know about many aspects of what is to come, I still feel I have a bit more control over my life and its course. So: Take a deep breath all. Tomorrow will come regardless.

Carpe Diem,


I support heart disease, rebellions, and splinter cell

Its Monday! Suprised that I am posting? I sure as hell am not. I am excited. Life is good once again.

I went on a great date Saturday night with the illustrious Kim Lin. She is very neat and has a great deal of ambition. She can be a bit sarcastic, but its all good. Apperently she drives a Lexus (spoiled). We saw Kicking and Screaming which was alright. Its not the best movie that I have ever seen, but it was horrible. We hung out at an arcade and she kicked my ass at Tekken. We played house of the dead for a while which was cool. Then I kicked her as at DDR, and that just is horrible on such a multitude of levels.

I saw Star Wars a couple times. I liked it a lot both times, but the second time i seemed to enjoy a bit more. Then again this was at the Cine Capri (AZ largest screen, that doesn't play crappy educational movies.) so it was just a bit better.

I borrowed Ninja Gaiden from Mitch. I owned on that game about two years ago, but now I am feeling a bit rusty, and I am getting pwned but the ninjas.

I have an interview today at the Arizona Attorney General's office. I am nervous, but excited. I am qualified, but I have no formal "office" experience. Then again, I have TAed at Devry for 2 semesters and I have troubleshoot some interesting problems (the Chef Machine was interesting, it was a machine that must have been convinced it was a chef because it loved to cook hard drives).

Well all is good.

Tried to understand,