Oh yes...it will be a revolution...

We conjured up a new idea that will take over the market! Bruhahahahahahahahahahahha...

Introducing...MY KEVIN: the Pocket Metrosexual.

Taken him everwhere...when you need some advice...just pull him out and ask away...he never fails...

Look for our new My Kevin store, carrying the new line of My Kevin products...including "My Kevin: Fashion," "My Kevin: Parties," and "My Kevin: Sex."

Coming soon...very soon...bruhahahahahahaha...



to my suprise my eyes were wide and already open

A couple drinks

Flaming Leftside Screwball Twist (on the rocks):
In a 10oz glass
2 ice cubes
2oz Strwaberry twist vodka
6oz Orange juice (no pulp)

Coronary Confusion:
In a double shot glass
2oz Bawls
2oz Vodka
(warning: could, in theory, kill you)

Twas a good Saturday night. Saw my girl, say my guys, and screamed in German "DU BIST TOT! GEHEN AUF!!!".

This is dedicated to Mike (happy 19th)

Hope you all enjoy the Drinks!


Good readin'

Hey all,

If anyone's looking for some interesting reads, go here

The guy who writes these is Max Gordon, who seems to be a great writer...

My favorites are Jesusland and Bush's War Cake

Read. Repeat. Enjoy. *Insert orgasmic screams of Herbal Essence commercial here*




What is the Liberal Mafia? Good Question. We are a group of three individuals committed to...making the most of life...and posting it online...

What will you find on our blog? Our meanderings. Random events in our lives. Social commentary. Humor. Mixed drinks...

Get the picture?

So, sit back, sip on a flaming leftside screwball twist on the rocks (more on that later), and enjoy...