Crunch time

Little sleep + 7:40 a.m. final this morning + work from noon until 10:30 p.m. + biology final at 7:40 am tomorrow + lagging internet = a very tired and disgruntled Dennis.

I must study for my bio final tomorrow. I need to pull a solid B on it to get away with an A in the class. The final is two exams, one of which is comprehensive, so I actually have to go back and look at the lecture notes.

I had my Intro Mass Comm final this morning. That class stole valuable hours of my life from me. I learned nothing that will contribute to my future, and what I did learn was little, except that my professor was an ass. He jipped me out of my extra credit, and his teaching consisted of basically reading out of the textbook. Basically, if the rest of my classes in the Cronkite school turn out to be this crappy, i will not be majoring in journailsm. It's like they are teaching kindergardeners...I don't get it. I hope the classes get better. But, if this is one of the top ranked journalism schools in the nation, I hate to see the quality of those below it. Here is an expert from our book: "Blogs (short for web logs) exist in a portion of cyberspace called the blogosphere." WTF!?!?! We are just making things up now...the blogosphere...my lord...

I can't wait for all this to just be over...and I am going to enjoy winter break. In the meantime, I will continue my decent through the levels of Hell.




Well, Dennis had to be at work at 8 a.m. this morning, so, rising with little sleep, I stumble out of my room and head down to Einstein's bagles to grab something to eat...So, I grab a milk and order a plain toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese...mmmm...

So, I'm am literally the only person in this place waiting for my order...after about 3 minutes (it takes about 30 seconds to actually make the bagel) the guy who took my order asks me if I was waiting on something!!! I was like...are you freakin kidding me?!? I am the only one in here, and you are the guy who took my order!!! So, as politely as I could, realizing the plight of studpid people in this world...I tell him my order again...just in time for him to attribute the delay to a "lost ticket." Yeah...because you never filled one out you fool!!!

So people who know me know that one of my pet peeves is poor service...it is just unexcusable...and it usually happens as a result of ignorant people who probably aren't even qualified to filp burgers...it just annoys me to no extent...arg!

And, on a side note, I second Marc's post to Kevin. I already had a date planned with Josh, or I would've definately made it to the party. But, in the short time I have really been acquainted with Kev...my life has been better in many respects...I'm glad that I have my own real-life My Kevin. ;) Happy Gettin Older day!



I ate too much damn ice cream

Hello everyone, I warn you, stay away from ice cream. Too much is worse than a bad thing.
Oh well.
So I finish Knights of the Old Republic 2, it was quite good.
I bought Katamari Damacy, it is quite nuts. Think of... no, you can't because you can't compare to anything.

Damn, I'm done.
More Late.

Happy Birthday!

Kevin, my friend, has his birthday (party) today and as I can't chill with him, the least I can do is make a blog post to say "Happy Birthday Bro!" Ever since we met my life's changed, and its a bit shit that I can't be there for ya today. So three cheers for Kevin, one of the best guys I know.



Sleepy sleep sleep sleep

For some reason I haven't figured out yet that I believe is completely unrelated to my lack of sleep...I am increabiably exhausted. So tired, in fact...I almost fell alseep on my way downtown to work. I wish I could sleep. So close, yet so far away...

Sleepy D


Human Event paper due tomarrow

Copyright of Marc MacLeod

Scene 1: At the gates to heaven, Marc (our protagonist) and St. Peter stand face to face with an ever growing line of individuals stretching out behind Marc. President Bush is next in line, tapping his foot impatiently on the fluffy cloud carpeting of heaven.

St. Peter: (To the restless crowd) Please calm down everyone! Wait your turn! (To Marc) I’m sorry my boy, it’s been very hectic around here what with wars going on left and right. You see, you don’t belong here just yet, but you’ve been somewhat misguided. Several members of our staff have agreed to hold office hours with you so you can ask some questions and hopefully set yourself straight.

Marc: Really? Who can I talk to? (St. Peter produces a menu of sorts and hands it over.) Hmm, well I’d love to talk to Jesus… And I really can’t believe you’ve got Socrates working up here! I’ve always wanted to talk to him. Buddha, well that’ll be confusing, but I’d also like to ask him a thing or two.

St. Peter: Very well, all excellent choices. They are quite backed up at the moment so I’ll ask you to have a seat over there. (To President Bush) Well, well, well. Can I guess what happened this time?

Bush: It was another pretzel, okay? I love those things.

St. Peter: Well, it looks like you haven’t changed your course of actions since last time we had you here… But it looks like the boss wants you to have a third chance.

Bush: You can fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — I can't get fooled again. I ain’t sittin’ through this again. It’s boring and confusing.

St. Peter: (To Marc) You think you could dumb down what you learn and translate it to this poor lost soul?

Marc: I guess…

Bush: Yippee! I’m getting out of homework again!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

Several interesting articles in the New York Times today.

There is a fantastic column by Frank Rich (who may very well be my favorite columnist) on the conservatives going berserk over the new movie Kinsey, on the 1940's sex researcher.

Here is an excerpt from the column: "Ms. Wood was being asked about that on "Crossfire" because a new Congressional report, spearheaded by the California Democrat Henry Waxman, shows that various fictions of junk science (AIDS is spread by tears and sweat, for instance) have turned up as dogma in abstinence-only sex education programs into which American taxpayers have sunk some $900 million in five years. Right now this is the only kind of sex education that our government supports, even though science says that abstinence-only programs don't work - or may be counterproductive. A recent Columbia University study found that teens who make "virginity pledges" to delay sex until marriage still have premarital sex at a high rate (88 percent) rivaling those that don't, but are less likely to use contraception once they do. It's California, a huge blue state that refuses to accept federal funding for abstinence-only curriculums, that has a 40 percent falloff in teenage pregnancy over the past decade, second only to Alaska. "

Another news piece tells how the Human Rights Campaign has decided to drop heavy pursuit of legal same-sex marriages in order to pursue smaller, more incrimental steps to equality goals. An interesting read.

Some guy has pieced a bunch of old camera parts and some other things together to create a mega camera that has quality beyond anything we have now. We are talking about GIGAPIXELS here!

And, a short read on the use of performance-enhancing drugs during the holiday shopping season. I guess they got their cue from baseball...

I strongly encourage everyone to subscribe to the New York Times FREE daily email, which caps the day's top stories. It keeps you informed with minimal effort, delivered to your inbox daily. And, it is FREE!!! Plus, it makes you look smart when you know all these things... ;)

Take care,


My accounting HW will never get done

Hello again.

Sorry I have not posted the follow up to the events of this weekend past, but I have had not the time, energy, or drive to do so. If you reallllllly wanna know, then... well... to bad, because I kinda forgot already.
There was a play, and a scary girl named Robin, and sleeping... oh oh oh and work, lots of work.

I got Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords, last night. Its amazing, and therefore I will no longer be communicating with anyone for the duration of this week. If you are a RPG, Star Wars, Obsidian, and/or overall Gaming Geek, then this is a good one to pick up.

I just love lightsabers. What can I say?

Winter Break is upon us. A nice disconnection from the world of Economics, Accounting, and English (and TCM250-WAN Communication, but thats a different story). I look forward to hours spent wasting away because of my X-box, and i look forward to fucking furious customers at the store! There is just something about crushing the hopes of a little 12 year old boy looking for a PS2 that is... intoxicating.

With my cold now gone, I am left to enjoy the finer things in life, such as smelling anything.

I hate food. All taste has become bland to me. Yesterday, I had an ultimate cheeseburger from Jack in the Box, and no longer was this cheeseburger ultimate, it had been down graded to "meh... its alright I guess." Then I wept.

Maybe I should be a vegetarian, but one who still eats chicken and shell fish, and steak on the weekends. I'm just trying to do my little part in helping out nature.

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that 14.2857143% of your life will be spent on Monday?


As supply of things to rant about declines, and demand for said material declines, my equilibrium point (and profit margin) shrink accordingly,
Kevin the Vegan Godess of all things meaty.

Ridge admits to "sexual encounter" with Bush

Ridge: "It was this small."

Sorry, it made me laugh. Bush, we all know you're not angry at the muslims 'cause you have a tiny cock.

-D.M & M.M.

P.S. - Or do we.


I had a superb aim conversation with my friend Brien just a few minutes ago. It should need little explaination. (FYI, he is ddrmook. I am mystic175234.)

ddrmook: Oh! Did you see those Mormon missionaries on campus last week?
mystic175234: no
ddrmook: Ah
ddrmook: Well, I had some fun
ddrmook: I went up to a pair of them and asked to hear more about their religion
mystic175234: nice
ddrmook: After a few minutes of letting the two talk, I interrupted them
mystic175234: haha
mystic175234: i see where this is going
ddrmook: "So, are all the guys at your ward this hot?"
mystic175234: omg!
mystic175234: you didn't
ddrmook: I did!
mystic175234: what was there reactions
mystic175234: *their reaction?
ddrmook: Haha
ddrmook: The one said, "Oh... um... I guess"
ddrmook: "Great!" I said
mystic175234: wow
ddrmook: Then I opened the pamphlet and walked away



Black hole

So, I'm here at one of my multitude of part-time jobs (right now, i'm at the Arizona Republic as a scoretaker.) ...sitting at the computer waiting for work to come in...so I decided to post...

"Sure, I said to myself...I will pass my time writing an incredible post..."

Then I get here, login, click create new post, and...and...and...stare at a blinking cursor...

My mind has gone completely blank. A black hole. Nothingness. I can think of nothing else to write about, except what I am writing now...

I think my sleep deprivation is finally getting to me...good thing break will be here soon.

Arg...I will post later when my brain turns back on.

*Hi, I'm sorry but Dennis's brain is away at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.*

Oh, don't you hate it when people still tell you to begin your message after the beep or after the tone? I think by now we can all figure that out...




Just got back from seeing this quite funny, although a bit drawn out movie...

What happens when you conbine a former soap actor, a drunkard wino who can't get crap published, a LOT of wine, two attractive females, a golf cart and a naked man chasing a car? You get Sideways.

The acting was surprisingly good. Great character development. The plot was unusual and mostly entertaining. A bit slow to start, and a little lacking in some of the more comedic scences until the second half. Aside from that, nicely done. Kudos to the diector and to Fox Searchlight for pulling this indi up.

I give it three and three quarters glasses of pino out of five. And, with a little pino in me, I might even bump my rating up to four glasses... ;)

Definately worth a look, especially cause the big December movies don't come out for another few days.

D the wino

Sleepy celebration

I handed my final human event paper in today. I began work on this 1,700-word essay this morning at 1:30 a.m. I finished my rough copy at 6:30 a.m. I went to bed...completely slept through my first class...got up in time to edit the paper, write my works cited...and take a shower, of course missing my second class of the day. Finished about 20 minutes before it was due. Good stuff...and I expect an A on it too ;) !! haha...

But, I am now finished with Human Event I...hurrah! Hurrah!!! Hur....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Sweet dreaming celebrations,

Fortune Cookie

Ok, so we all know the saying of adding the phrase "in bed" to the fortunes from fortune cookies...Most of the time, this can lead to quite comical saying, but I have found the crowning glory, thanks to Mr. Hunan.

"Good fortune in love as well as a new position (in bed)."

Tis great, is it not? Many laughs were had at this fortune...although it has yet to turn true yet (the love part maybe...but no new positions ;)

And, I have discovered why some Chinese restaurants always bring out an extra fortune cookie to the table. They do it so that the last person to take a cookie doesn't get stuck with a fortune...but wasn't it fate that they were the last to chose theirs...oh well...

But, as you add "in bed" to your fortunes, ask yourself, do you really want that kind of fortune written by some old Chinese guy...I mean that's just kinda creepy... ;)

Happy fortunes,

ReCap vol. 1 (FRIDAY)

Hello friend,

It was an interesting weekend. Much happened, but yet looking back it all seems so... little. I write this letter from the perspective of what happened to me within the last 72 hours. I hope that my tale brings you joy, tears, and maybe a strong urge to get some orance juice.

Laryngitis.... god awful larynigitis. Its like having a midget playing your vocal cords as a harp. One minute you are James Earl Jones, the next... Aaron Nevil. After crawling from the womb (my bed, as it were, with its amazing red satin sheets) I found myself showering. Now I don't often sit down in the shower, and when I do. I have no idea why, but this day, I sat in that shower. I thought. About what you ask? I have no real idea. Random ramblings about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a reasonable means of vocal communication. I almost resorted to using an AT&T voice synthesizer to leave messages on the phones of my professors letting them know that i would not be in class, but I had a change of heart when i relized that I wasn't quite tired enough to go back to sleep. So I do what every person that is me does in this situation. Went to class.
Class was not bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it was quite pleasent. I enjoy fridays. I only have English and Accounting. I have a fond view of both. Nothing too exciting here. I think I napped at some point in this period, but I can not confirm this suspicion.
The last obstacle for the day would be work at the Mall. I work in a video game store. Not the worst place to work, but certainly not the best. The plethora of stupid people you encounter on a daily basis is enough to drive any person to want to obtain a moltov and purge the earth of these walking crap sacks. After completely straining the last semblance of my voice to tell people that we didn't have any (excuse the language.... it gets worse from here, so stick with me) FUCKING NEW PS2 units because they catch on fire, I was able to come home.
My friend Alex stopped by and we played some Halo 2. We went to Denny's and discusses the usual topics: Erin (his), Megan (Mine), The Art of War, Business, School, Family, and (omited).
I slept, and my dear boy, it was joyous.

Now I shall draw this letter to close, for I have a pop tart waiting for me on the other side of the house.... Soon Saturday and Sunday's events shall be transcribed for you pleasure.

Der Konig von die Mushi Kevin


Freedom of Religion

I look at religion today and see hatred. Those of one religion vehemently despise those who practice another religion. They hate all "sinners." I see a country divided because some chose to use their religion as hate. I see a president who rules based on religious doctrine. But, mostly, I see hate...

The following words form among the most elegant and beautiful I've ever read on this subject. Imagine what a great world we could live in if these ideas were put into play...

"...for this is one of their most ancient laws, that no man ought to be punished for his religion...

...he made a law that every man might be of what religion he pleased, and might endeavor to draw others to it by the force of argument, and by amicable and modest ways, but without bitterness against those of other opinions; but that he ought to use no other force but that of persuasion...

...He judged it not fit to determine anything rashly, and seemed to doubt whether those different forms of religion might not all come from God, who might inspire men in a different manner, and be pleased with this variety; he therefore thought it indecent and foolish for any man to threaten and terrify another to make him believe what did not appear to him to be true..."

-Sir Thomas More in Utopia

To summarize his points: screw hate, and let people live how they chose and believe what they wish.

luv as always,

Political parties...

USMC RandomTask: i hate you
USMC RandomTask: so much im gonna stick it in your butt
Carson Kinner: That sounds like the Republican credo

Just so you all know, USMC is joel, Carson Kinner is myself. Now, as you may all know very well, I dislike Republicans. But not your average confused Republican, but the rednecks, Christian coalition and corporate conartists that compile their ranks. Small businesses, gunshops, tame Christians... you're all okay, at least partially. Though you did vote for Bush... that's two strikes against you thus far.

In recent days I've come to realize that my party sucks. No really, we do. Democrates, we couldn't beat a man with a speech impediment, a history of neglect (Not a single death row inmate review in his entire term as governor of Texas? Then he somehow neglects terror warnings? Maybe he just doesn't do his job at all?), and of course, a passion for defaming his opponents through dishonest measures.

So, I have thusly decided that the only recourse for us is to play upon those same bandwagon techniques employed by the Republicans. Now many of you more liberal individuals may find fault, I know this goes against your morals, but if you want to see change, sometimes you have to be more retroactive than we have been. After all, the Republicans don't even rely on faith to win elections.

The Patriot Party. Cunning yes? I mean they managed to destroy the bill of rights by tacking Patriot to the front of a bill, we can work against this injustice in the same manner. Who wouldn't vote for the Patriot Candidate? So we've got the red necks on our side immediatly. Gun owners too. How do you keep these individuals? Pay off the NRA, I know it sounds despicable, but you have to realize that we're commiting far less evils than they have here. Now how do we get the Christian vote? That is tough... though we've already got a sizable portion through our patriot clause... we need more. I know, Jesus will be our mascot, wearing the star spangled banner as a cape. Screw this donkey-elephant crap.

So there you have it folks. The answer - the Patriot Party.



Marriage, the age old tradition of unifying one male and one female into a family. It's brought billions together and its ruined entire countries. But whatever your feelings, its ingrained in our society. Somehow we view the unwed as losers, the wed as happy, and divorce as a quick fix. But this seems rather vain. Who are we, as a society, to set these social norms?

It's crossed my times a couple of times, is this old tradition really necessary in our modern days? Let me clarify my position. With fast food we no longer rely on hunters or gathers, nor cooks or providers. A single person is more than capable of producing enough income to sustain themselves. So its not a dependance anymore. The ancient cultures had couples, but it wasn't monogomy. Which by degrees stemmed from tribal roots where there'd be at least an alpha male or female who would guide the rest and find suitors who'd best continue their line. What we see forming here is a patern, as time grew the social pattern grew more complex. Attraction is genetic folks, we seek the most attractive for a reason, we know their genes will be passed on - at least on an instinctual level. But marriage is a social product produced by tradition, not necessarily logic.

Folks, is it that we want to seem more civilized that we have marriage? If it really was so special why do we cheat? Why are we unhappy? Why is there divorce? Granted, this isn't the majority, but it sure isn't an ignorable minority. So why do we continue the charade when America is wrought with more unhappiness than ever? Because we've set a level of social expectance so high that we can't keep up anymore. The perfect family requires attraction, attraction requires the perfect body, the perfect body requires exercise and diligence which for most isn't any fun. So we struggle to get the perfect body to get the perfect party to get the perfect family to get the perfect life. And none of this accounts for the fact that life isn't perfect. You'll never get what you want, and carpe diem doesn't mean you can do anything, it means take what you get and make the best of it.

I see the usefulness of having a companion, and granted its nice to be loved. But I also find it childish to get married because you're attracted to someone and your religion dictates you get married before sex. That's not a valid base for a functioning relationship and its certainly part of the reason people are getting divorce's at record numbers.

So in America, where we want people to follow the tradition, to be normal, and to be perfect... we shun those who go back to the simple symbolism involved. I find it odd to persecute homosexual individuals who truly love one another and prevent them from marriage. I find it more sacriligious to divorce because the spark dissappeared or to marry because the two of you managed to produced a child. A homosexual marriage can be more beautiful and more lasting as its between two people who desire to wake up each morning with someone they love, and I ask you America, is that what you want? To wake up tomorrow morning with your soul mate lying beside you?

I think the best I can say to the woman I deem to be my soul mate will be this, "I promise there will be good times, and I promise there will be bad. I promise we'll learn from each other and I promise that we'll never be the same. I promise to be there for you as best I can and to do for you what I would do for myself." And America, if you found a person that could do that for you, would you be content to merely live your life with them? Or do we have to continue this nonsense of marriage and perfection? This tradition of unhappiness and pressure?

Seriously, you don't need the fucking tax benifits (unless you plan to give us singles something too.)



Its best man, to be true blue.

Saturday morning 12:46am: Staring blankly at this screen, I yawn.

And so forth.

I worked today. I hate working. I like working, but just not... at the mall... or in retail... or yea. I don't speak Spanish and here in Az, that is actually a useful little tool... for those who care, and well I don't. In fact the only joy i get is when people ask me if I speak spanish, and I respond, "Nein, sprechen sie Deutsch?" They give me a confussed look and either spontaniously combust... or leave. Usually leave.

I have laryngitis, which is amazing, because you sound sick as shit, but for most part you aren't. I finally got over the god damn cold that has made my lungs it home all week. But i still have the residual sore throat that comes along with. I hate being sick.

Well yea. I feel bad that of the three of us who write here, I am the only one who ever lacks any semblance of purpose in my ranting...

Have you read Sun Tzu's "Art of War"? No, then go read it. Right now.

Well my arm hurts, and I'm off to play some Halo 2 before I sleep.

Night all,
Kevin the tired. (haha if you know my last name, thats a cute pun)


The Trouble With Showers

It may come as a suprise to you, but that warm shower you take in the morning or late at night (if you're some kind of freak) may just have it in for you. It's steamy heat is luring you into a false sense of security before it snaps and attempts to destroy you.

I was unfortunate enough to be present at Beth's house when her shower struck out. We'd had a pleasant Saterday with friends, driving back and forth between Tempe and Mesa, eating tostadas, watching anime, hookah, and, of course, nun porn. The evening ended the following morning when we decided to head back to her place for a few quiet hours alone and we were both looking forward to sleep.

That's when everything took a turn for the worse, without a drop of alchohol in our systems we got the idea to take a quick shower before turning in. Now I'll admit, it was mostly my fault, I'm sure she'd have been content to have slept, but I pushed the option. So we had a pleasant shower, quaint, quiet... fun.

But sleep was not to be this Sunday morning. Oh no, it certainly was not. The shower doors slide open like the gates to hell, time slowed to a crawl as we both slowly slide each side of those glass doors. The world explodes in a flurry of glass shardes and we're left stunned.

To make the four hours in the hospital sound short, I ended up with 6 stitches (I won the bet on that one!). And we made it out alive, which is great because that shower really did have it in for us. That much glass could have killed someone or severally damaged some very sensitive areas... like the eyes, or more vital organs.

So, I urge you all to rebel against your glass shower doors, don't let them ruin your weekend as it nearly ruined mine! Curtains for all or it'll be curtains for you!


P.S. - I have to say I'd not had such an adventure with a girl. In a way, I honestly think it brought us closer as I got stitched up and she sat in the emergency room with me. I know I think the world of her now more than ever.

Infiltrating Mormon View

I was feeling quite down that I wasn't able to see Josh on Wednesday night (see Boycott Garage Doors post)...so I was talking online with my roomate's gal (who happens to go to the same school as and is friends with Josh), and she suggested in her plotting liberal manner that I come surprise Josh the next morning their school, after I watch him perform in a school arts assembly thing...

OK, so after much planning and coniving we decided to go ahead with operation...um...we didn't name it (any suggestions?). So, I get up early and head of to Mormon View High School...drive right past the security guard at the entrance (closed campus) and park in the faculty parking area (i think)...I make my way to the auditorium, walking past several odd looking folk...ect, ect...i see josh for a few moments, much to his shock...and leave...mission accomplished...the best part of this whole thing (aside from seeing my guy of course), was that when i was leavning, the security guard waved goodbye...what if I had been a terrorist...cause you know about all those terrorist gay people out there...trying to spread their "homosexual agenda" accross america...yeah...riiiiiight... ;)

Well, I must go to bed...class awaits in hours...



Go stare into a cloud

Aw the joys of respitory illness.

So today I had someone say "You weasel, next time i see you i am goin to jump up and down on your head" to me... Now, Im not saying anything... but... well... yea... this fellow was a rather devout christian.

Ok here's my dillema, if you are religious (then why are you here?... jk I love religious people, I lost my virginity to one) then you need to turn off your computer and go read your bible instead of this.

Anyways, christians scare the shiot outa me. Never once has an aethist, agnost, hindu, buddhist, muslim, daotist, taoist, scientologist, polytheist, or Jew ever threatened to kill me... christians i can't say the same for. I have reason to believe the local christian youth group bashed out my back windshield on my car(unsubstantiated claim, but still I have my reasons to think as much). A great quote from a christian on Muslims "Lets blow em away for Jesus!!!"
A great quote from the bible "love thy neighbor". hmm... well i guess if they don't live next door it doesn't count does it?

A christian once said I was dillusional at my acceptance of evolution, to that i replied "well at least I don't beleive in an invisible man in the sky."


Sorry you had to read that. On a better note. I got my Linux fish. Pics on that later.


Boycott Garage Doors!

Ok, so i was supposed to go see a movie with my guy last night...until he calls and says that his garage door closed on the top of the car and came of the tracks...ect...you get the picture...and just like that...date cancelled...all because of a damn garage door!

So, I call on my fellow mafia members to help me to boycott all garage doors! Tear your current ones down! Refuse to buy new ones! BOYCOTT!!! We will drive these republican garage door manufaturers out of business!!! You know that garage doors are the key to the radical right's conservative christain agaenda to prevent homosexuals from dating!!! ;)

Ah well...I'm not going to get into that rant now...I will save that for the another time...when I have a while to write...

Best regards,

P.S.- Don't forgot to BOYCOTT the garage doors!!!

P.P.S- I heart Josh. ;)


I just swallowed a Halls Max

Its the first day of December and I couldn't be happier... well yea I could.

Im flipping sick. I have a the tale-tell runny-ass nose and sore throat.
To top it off, I'm at work. Then again, my job is not so bad. I just help stupid people fix stupid problems in the Networking Labs at Devry. (PEBCAK!)

Speaking of which. I have created a sub-blog with a slightly more geeky skew. I figured a chmod joke here wouldn't be well received:P you can find that at 1337geeks.blogspot.com

I'm going to my English professor's play on Saturday night. Its a production of "Much Ado about Nothing". A rather funny play I must add. I'm looking forward to it.

My little brother (I don't know which one yet...) wants a scarf. And thats awesome. I have the best scarf in the whole world. Its red and black and has two grey stripes running down the center.

Damn, Im rambling. I hope Im not this flightly when I'm not sick. I'm pretty damn disoriented right now. And freezing to death, but I have my trusty jacket and scarf.

I was thinking that I should put up an Amazon.com wishlist. Then I relized no one would buy my anything on it anyways... If you want to buy me something then e-mail ktyers @ gmail.com (without the spaces) and I'll tell you what I want!

Well its that time again, but its been fun.

MY KEVIN: the Pocket Metrosexual

Probably a bush supporter...

The stupidity of people sometimes...it's people like this guy who voted for Bush...

this article is from Reuters:

"Lava lamp left on stove explodes, kills U.S. man

SEATTLE, Nov 30 (Reuters) - A Washington state man who placed a lava lamp on a hot stove died when the lamp exploded and a glass shard pierced his heart, police said on Tuesday.

Phillip Quinn, 24, was found dead in his trailer home on Sunday night in Kent, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Seattle.

"There appeared to have been an explosion that was centered on the stove top. There were glass fragments all over, embedded in the walls," said Paul Petersen, a Kent police spokesman.

A lava lamp features blobs of wax in liquid that rise and fall in a container when heated by a bulb at the base of the lamp.

Quinn was probably standing in front of the lamp when it exploded, then stumbled into his bedroom and died, Petersen said, citing a medical examiner's report."

Now the lava lamp manufacturers will have to put a "do not heat on stove" warning label on their lavalamps...

But really...pierced through the heart...ouch...