Where the Grass is Greener.....?

What's that they say about watching what you wish for? Well I did, and thank God I did. In the midst of unparallel temptation (disregarding specifics for the sake of those involved ;) ) to sieze the moment and enjoy instant and euphoric gratification, I resisted. And no sooner had I second guessed myself and was preparing an about-face on my decision, the beautifully inviting gift that was dropped in my lap sprouted razorblades and lunged at my neck. Metaphorically speaking of course. But still. The few and the proud who know what I'm referring to, count your blessings, and for the rest of you, assign your own context to this tale, and count YOUR blessings too. I very nearly made a grave mistake, and now I'm wiser. I guess there is something to those old fashioned cliche`s...

On another note, I just rediscovered a great video game, and after playing it for a few minutes, some unknown force engulfed me and took 6 hours of my life. Bastards.

Fair thee well all:


oh god. Cold... oh god.

No no no, its fucking cold. Literally, cold. You think you know cold? wake up to great 70 degee weather then go to snow, bitches. All you need is a plane.

I am in Baltimore Maryland now. Its snowing. I have never seen snow fall. Its really quite beautiful.

I have had an amazing day.

I saw lovers part, saw a blue sky, heard great music, read "Ring" (the book the movie the movies Ringu and The Ring are based), went through the worst turbulence ever.


And well, I have been drinking pretty heavily since I got here.




Tis a day of reckoning. Honors paper draft due tomorrow. I have...30 out of 1500 words completed. Joyous. It shouldn't be too bad actually...I will be discussing different kinds of capital (monetary, religious, knowledge, human) and how scoieties control them...shall be interesting...like you care...

On Monday, in my newswriting class, my professor flipped out...he basically told the class to Fuck off...it was kinda scary...how do some people get jobs like this...so yeah...

One hour left at work, then off to a nap me thinks...mmmmmmm, nap...

Until next time...


Have you even noticed how beautiful the sky was...?
Its brilliant. Something about the clashing of blue and white is simply wonderful. When the music in the background syncs with the sky and your mind, a curious solice is manifest, and for just a second of infinity, you are in balance.

Glorious I tell you, simply glorious.



I had to think of why.

Dear world,

I write this letter with sleep on my eyes, and sadness in my heart. I am not horribly down or anything, but just generally worn out. Finals at my school are coming to a close. I have only economics to wrestle tomorrow. Then Thursday I leave for Baltimore. That will be joyous. I am excited for that. It will be nice to travel.

My wrist hurts and I don't know why. I think I may just have carpel tunnel syndrom, or I hold it at a funny angle when I type. I have been playing Tenchu on my X-box a lot. I greatly enjoy that game. Its fun. I like being a ninja.

I am listening to modest mouse right now... well, now its The Faint. The Faint is pretty damn impressive. Cursive, Bright Eyes, and The Good Life have been constant objects of listening the last few days. So Therefore, nothing is substantially different with anything in my life.

I hate the weather. It was sunny today. I never thought I would long for sunlight so much as I do now. Maybe not even sunlight, but just no damn rain. Everything is wet. And unfortunatly, that makes driving a pain in the ass.

I now bring this letter to a close, I hope it finds you (all) well.

The Substaintial lack of Current Substance
The Tired and nearly Sick
The Rest on the Eyes of the weary
The End of Ends


So I drink to stay warm...

and to kill selected memories.
Damn... I didn't realize how drunk I was last night till I read the little conversation piece Dennis Posted.

Finals are almost over, and for your view pleasuring, here is something I wrote a long ass time ago.

"Floppy disk...
Man what the fuck every happened to these little bastards? I remember the glory days when we would trade floppys at school with random content *usually porn* and we would joyful go home and load it into our little a: drives and spend hours admiring a naked woman... Or the poser kid's crude MS paint drawing of a naked woman. Occasionally, someone might pull a fast one and put a virus on a disk. Usually it was harmless, it would maybe crash your computer, or delete a few .DLLs. Sometimes that real smart kid would make a virus that would transform your computer into a killer robot that killed your dog and sodomized your mom with a rusty meathook. I always thought it was funny when you would put a disk and you couldn't get it out. You'd have to get a screw driver and dig that son of a bitch out. When I lived in Vegas I put a broken disk in every a: drive of the computers in the public library. It was great seeing this old lady trying to pull out a disk with her wrinkly old hands and a mini-screwdriver. I thought she was going to die. The vein in her forehead was swelling to gigantic proportions. I swear it was ready to pop.

the best thing about the floppy disk... Its versatility. It could hold data, be used as a coaster, and tasted great with cheese wiz. I used to hang them on my wall to form a mosaic of Master Yoda having sex with Samus Aran. It brings a tear to my eye that my last experience with one was when Mr. Giddings was having us break one in half saying, "
really truly floppies are obsolete". Its like having your dog put to sleep because its old, or having to stop pushing that one kid down a hill in a trash can just because he suffered a little "irreperable brain damage". So floppy disk... The *ommited* salutes you. "

I wrote that when I was 16.
Even more impressive, I only had to write like 5 sentances for this to seem like a big update.

I drink to stay warm


Yizzzle, all.

I have been drinking... water.
and whatnot. Now I'm dizzy and little floaty. Slightly happy and full of bubbles.

All is well, now that I am dizzy...

Gentlemen and Dentist....

Happy birthday,

To expound upon Kevin's drunkeness, here is a conversation between Kevin and myself:

(01:34:41) Kevin the Lord My God: greta just mentioned you
(01:34:46) knect the dots: ?
(01:34:47) Kevin the Lord My God: and i my freidn
(01:34:50) Kevin the Lord My God: and drunkxor
(01:34:54) knect the dots: lol
(01:34:55) Kevin the Lord My God: am**
(01:34:59) knect the dots: i see that
(01:35:04) Kevin the Lord My God: why dont you swing on by, foo?
(01:35:12) knect the dots: um
(01:35:16) Kevin the Lord My God: but ignore theoral sex.
(01:35:24) Kevin the Lord My God: but other than
(01:35:26) Kevin the Lord My God: that
(01:35:31) Kevin the Lord My God: i think it would be in both our interest
(01:35:36) Kevin the Lord My God: you can narate my life for me.
(01:35:50) Kevin the Lord My God: and i can tell you about how i am worried that i will never be happy
(01:35:57) knect the dots: i think i will leave you two alone...to your oral sex...and ect...
(01:36:00) Kevin the Lord My God: kevin 1.0 is a fag
(01:36:12) Kevin the Lord My God: *cigarette that is
(01:36:16) Kevin the Lord My God: aha
(01:49:00) Kevin the Lord My God: tell marc
(01:49:09) Kevin the Lord My God: fine
(01:49:12) Kevin the Lord My God: fine
(01:49:13) Kevin the Lord My God: fine fine fine
(01:49:32) knect the dots: ok
(01:50:13) Kevin the Lord My God: yes
(01:50:29) Kevin the Lord My God: :-p
(01:50:45) Kevin the Lord My God: bteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(01:50:49) Kevin the Lord My God logged out.



It's wet and raining

In response to this: "First off, let it be known that a certain member of the Mafia who has been so quick to welcome me was the one most opposed to my admittance to this anomoly, and is also a manipulative, conniving dumb-face."

I've been called worse. However, you don't want to insult the hand that gave you access to this wonderful place we have here. Bad things can happen to you ;)

So, i am really that manipulative??? I guess my influences are working ;) BRUHAHAHAHAHA.

My games for today got rained out...surprise surpirse...this is really starting to affect my finances here...hopefully games go on tomorrow and Monday. Today, instead I was able to help a good friend put on his little league umpire clinic. Much fun...

Have a good weeeknd all!

Instinct v. Emotion: Rant

This is a side of me that I'm sorry I must bring to bear, and one that many of you will never see again. First off, let it be known that a certain member of the Mafia who has been so quick to welcome me was the one most opposed to my admittance to this anomoly, and is also a manipulative, conniving dumb-face. On another note..

Back to my Rant, go with your gut. Always. In regards to my previous post, I must say that life is complex only to the few and the good. And they would have it no other way. More EmO listings of mine here in my previous rambling depot. But the point of the matter is this: trust yourself. Trust yourself and your RHM (Right Hand Man). It can take 1000 good acts to prove the worth of a man, but only 1 to villify him for life. This also applys to women, obviously for those poor thick-skulled readers not understanding the source of my frustration. Never listen to your heart unless your brains (yes, plural) give it the green. Instinct first, logic above all. It's the only way to survive.

Bitches, carpe diem.


Out of the Closet

I would also like to be the first to mention that our new counterpart is also a member of the log cabin republicans...(not really tho)...

This was an interesting column from the NY Times. The daught of prominent black republican Alan Keyes can out publicly and admitted that she was a lesbian. What did her loving parents do when they found out? KICK HER OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CUT HER FUNDING! Nice people. Interesting read: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/17/opinion/17savage.html?th

I have a busy weekend of umpiring ahead of my...saying that my games don't get rained out.
Oh, and i commited my first theft ever today...I stole a glass from IHOP...bruhahahaha Goodnight all. And welcome our friend to the blog.

Love yas,

Giants among men

To the audience: you may be wondering just what the hell am I thinking selling my self so low as to associate with such a pretentiously left trio. And, honest answers, true confessions: I don't always know myself. But going on record I will say this, despite contradictory political ideologies, I love these guys. In the liberal sense of the word. To find 3 men of such integrity in such a twistedly extremist world is truly fortunate. Thank you gentlemen. Now, on to matters of actual importance...

As I type, I am making a huge mistake. Shooting myself in the foot. Gah, sinking deeper and deeper towards the point of no return. For references, ask Marc. Dammit. Gah, idiot.

Tonight will be interesting.

The Rookie, the Right . . .


The Way of the Master (with some Kevin too!)

Friends, I come to you with a special message from your daddy, who art in heaven, G-O-D is his name and he's here to smite your wicked ass!

But I do have good news, I just saved 10% off my eternal damnation with a purchase at God's super store, The Way of the Master. www.wayofthemaster.com

Dennis and I watched an anti-evolution special last night that is quoted on their website to show "just how uninteligent the theory is." Folks, our enemy is not the money grubbing Republican, but his lesser form, the God grubbing Republican. We have a future witchhunt on our hands with individuals putting stuff like this out and our own president a "born-again Christian." I'm afraid, not of God, but of his zealots. /Marc

I find myself terrified at the the thought of religious zelots as these thinking they can save my eternal soul. If you look back in the blog you will find a post where I commented that some of the most horrendous and horrible threats I have ever received have been from "the children of God" (Go stare Into a Cloud 12.2.04) . My biggest thing is that Christians seem to ignore some very important shit from their own book. Namely not adding or removing things to or from the Bible (Rev. 22:18; Deut. 4:2)...(oh damn, used the Bible against them, 2 points!). This is done by saying that certain things were written "for the time" (i.e. the no Pork rule). That is obviously skewing the Bible, and being a blasphemer. So Mr. Kirk put that ham sandwhich down and read the book again, foo.

Also, the concept of self-identity in the Bible is a bit crap. Are we free are we not? Adam had choice... yet... God knows us from the womb (Jeremiah 1:5)...(again! 2 more points) which would mean that he knows who we are and what we are going to do. So therefore, putting the tree in the Garden was really just a sick and cruel joke by a loving God.
There is more... like their refutation of Evolution. Common things to disprove us are asking where matter and all that came from, I say just ask where did God come from?

I'm done. thanks!
-Marc & Kevin (with 4 points total)


Of sickness, friends, and lab science exams

I've only got the cold, but its been dragging on for four days now. I'm really quite tired of it, tired of waking up in dead sweats and having my voice distorted. Minor movements cause pain, and closing my eyelids a headache. There are worse illnesses to be had, but damnit, I was just starting to be productive.

I've come to the realization that of my small circle of friends there is a reason there are so few. I once believed quantity could make up for quality, and thankfully in the years since middleschool I've had that proven wrong. My small circle of friends is more than anything I could ask for, and I wanted to say thanks guys. I may be a sarcastic asshole, or spastic, or dumb, or even beligerant, but I never do it out of the intention to harm. Otherwise I'd be a Republican.

I've got two exams, one right after the other on Friday. It's gonna suck ass getting there, but if I'm still sick come Thursday I may have more time to study. We'll see how that goes, I'd really prefer to feel better and get paid. Physics sucks, if anyone reading this is especially good at physics, I'll give you my soul (or the monitary equivalent) to be my tutor.


My head is drowning out...

The thick and blurry sounds... of horses on the highway.


I have decided I am sick and God d*mn tired of EB, but not really. Its not so bad, but I do need to make more money. So I have decided to look for other possible employment opportunities.
We will keep a log of this!!! Sort of. By that I mean I will probably bitch about how every job suXors.
Marc just called me. Hes been pretty
forever. So it must suck to be him.

I can not wait to go to Maryland. It will be awesome.

This weekend should hold good fun. I have an interview with... umm... Cutco on Saturday. You may ask, "Kevin, what the hell is Cutco?" To that I respond, a knife company. I would be selling knives. Which is probably the dumbest shit either of us has every heard, but it pays well. So I am left to forego feeling like my job has a purpose and make copious amounts of money. For some reason I don't think it is gonna work out, but who knows? Maybe Drew Curtis.

I feel a little bit better. I enjoy that. In fact I haven't had the urge to die all day. I have my schedule worked out for next semester. Score, foo.
I shoot my head like a rockstar,

Smeare the queer...

THis may be just because it has been a fucking long day and I am grumpy from a combination of school and work...

But if i hear one more fucking snide comment about some ungodly fucking object being inserted into my ass...or any other simiar comment pertaining to my sexuality, I may just lose my temper...and I am not one to lose my calm, as you may know. I don't want to end up where I used to be...

Occasional comments are fine...I just felt like it was fucking smeare the queer night...and it was starting to hurt...

you know who you are.



That clean, Fresh feeling!

What the hell happened to Natural Citrus Listerine!?!?!?! I thought that was quite ingenious...gah!!!
I shall have my revenge!!! Bruhahahahahahahahahahahaha

In the Board Room and love

Today has turned out to be very long...

Started out giving a discussion at the Morrison Board of Directors meeting on youth government. It was fun to be involved with high-ranked people and to also get an inside look at the operations of a great think tank. And...i was all dressed up in my suit...I love my suit :)

Classes were not fun today. Things drug on...my newswriting class, the prof thought that everyone as quiet becuase people didn't understand the material, but it as really because the class is too remedial. So he dumbed down and lessened our assignment. Great...damn waste of my mon...i mean the taxpayers' money ;)

Responding to Kev's post below...The thing i miss from my relationships the most is that longing feeling you get when you look foward to seeing that speicial someone. The feeling of fullfilment...kinda...but I know what he means...knowing that you have someone...aww, the pangs of love ruin deep!

2.5 hours left at work. 2.5 hours ...


I keep coming back, to this meaning that I lack.

Tuesday Feb 15, 2005

Roughly... 1:30pm

I'm tired, I'm hurt. Damn it.

I'm pretty worn out. I was out late last night, and I work up 45mins after my shift after work started. So that was pretty bothersome. But I get there and my boss didn't even show up. So that was pretty cool. Im really bummed out today. I think the Megan thing is sinking in a little bit deeper. Its more painful today. Its like a nail burrowing slowly into my heart. I kinda feel like I need to to cry, but its not that bad I guess.

I don't even know what is wrong with me. I am feeling consistently better, but I am having a hard time finding purpose in my day to day life. I don't know if I need purpse, ok... well I know I need it, but I don't know if I can find it. I am not even sure what I would define purpose as. I am just kind of floating along in life with a vague sence of general direction. I think that is a major thing I miss about Megan, she gave me some sort of purpose, a phone call or weekend to look forward to. Now thats gone and I relize I depended on that way too heavily, and now I am left feeling broken. Not neccessarily becuase of who I lost, but what I lost. Yet the prospect of being a boyfriend again frightens me. I don't know when I'll be able to do it, but I also seemed to have developed and aversion to being alone.

I really can not wait to move out. I love my family, but I need to be on my own. It will be fun, I hope. It will at least be a change.

Well I've exhausted my poor little heart.



A freelance ghost is born

I have had one interesting morning. I got a call from the sports editor of the Scottsdale Republic. He got my name from the much beloved Kristin Go. He is interested in having me freelance for him...2-3 articles a week! That is sooooo crazily great! This is better than my working for the State Press me thinks. I have to send him my resume and clips...but I'm hopefull...

I feel sorry for all my friends in the broken hearts club. I wish them all the best for this day of corporate love. You guys are all special and desearving of an equally wonderful partner.

I just downloaded Wilco's album A Ghost is Born. It is quite great. I am pleased.

I have class now.

Love yas!

Everything's not lost, life is for living.

I'll be counting out my demons... yea.
Anyways. Its Monday, the day of St. Valentines. I'm listening to "Doctor and The DJ" by Bright Eyes and I can't help but feel sad. I miss Megan. I am healing, but its not a quick process. Its just difficult to imagine her with someone else; difficult to imagine her longing for another guy. Looking back and remembering all the things we did together and know that we probably won't ever share moments that beautiful together ever again is a little hard. It just is overall a painful experience. But I can not get hung up on the past and I have to move forward. I think thats obvious.

I wonder if it has hit me to its full extent yet... I've been pretty sad the last couple days, but its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. That leaves me to wonder if I have "reliezed" the extent of the break-up.

I think I will stay single for a while, but I have no urge to fuck everything. I just need some slightly selfish time to re-adjust myself. I've been in boyfriend mode for damn near 2 years.

Oh well.
I got the Son, Ambulance albums, they are amazing. I suggest you check them out.

Oh oh oh, and Dennis and I made chocolate covered strawberries last night, effing great.

Well, bye bye everyone,


People read this thing?

Holy crap. So perhaps my smallest form of communication is actually read by someone other than Kevin and Dennis, very very suprising. There usually isn't anything significant coming from me on here, but its odd to know people still read it, though I'm sure its not cause of my posts ;)

Anyway, I figure I should start watching what I have to say when I'm feeling particularily bad. It's not like me to be accusatory, spiteful or mean - but its been hell lately. Sorry to resort to such things in order to vent.

I'm sick in other news. This week will probably end me. I won't sleep, I won't work, and I won't eat, so cheers everyone. It's been a very emo time for at least two of our group. I don't have much of a reason, and knowing that doesn't help. But my support is there for Kevin when he needs it and I hope he knows so.

Somehow, staying up last night doesn't seem as much fun, as I sit here staring at homework. I want to sleep, and my whole body is aching. I'm really glad I brought some relief to Kevin though.

To those I consider family, good night. You know who ya are, and thanks for all your unceasing support.


My nickname...

So it's been pretty much decided that my nickname is Teddybear, Greta confirmed as did Lara, Rebbeca and in the past - Sara, Dennis, and Megan Trout. I think its kinda cool to finally have a nickname, but damnit, teddybears aren't sexy.


Post changed due to my being an asshole and jumping to conclusions on an issue. Sorry to the related party. And nod to ya Greta, sorry for the misspelling.


Last night was fun. Hung out with Kev and TB. The pinnacle of the night was Kevin fingering me...gasp! It's a scandle!!! ;) haha.


White Castle

So, as things tend to do with us, we get through our troubles by chuttling, yo. Last night was good, discussed philosophy, made some blasphemous comments about God, watched White Castle, had some stuff from QT and then chilled with some people in the dorm. Over all it was great a night, and I think Kevin is in a good place.


Single no more ;)

We (Marc and I) are no longer single.

Marc is dating GOD (who turns out to be a rather stunning woman).

I am dating JESUS (who turns out to be a very hansom gay man).

Who would of thunk it?



10,000 pieces

Last night Megan and I broke up. It was pretty mutual and there isn't any hard feelings. That's not to say I'm not sad about it. We were together for about 1yr and 2months and it will be hard to adjust to life without her. We had our breaks, but this seems like it will stick. She lived about 150 miles away, so I saw her sprasley to begin with. That distance was just too difficult for us both I guess. I can't help but wonder what was lost. What opportunities we wouldv'e have together if things worked out. But I will feel better over time and all will be ok again.

On a semi-related note, Alex Dennis Marc and I have been talking about getting an apartment together, and I really wanted to, but I wanted to save some money to take Megan on vacation this summer, but now that I have no reason to save I am sold. So should be interesting.

I look as emo as I feel today, thats almost cool.

I hate quoting songs, but this just fits too damn well.

"So rest your head,
and I will be watching from the doorway
as you slip into a perfect, peaceful sleep.
And morning will come
in all its simple glory
and you will find your life.
And I will be there
standing in your shadow
knowing that you once were mine.
All mine.
My Baby.
My Baby.
My Girl."
-Bright Eyes

The patron saint of perpetual weeping,


Ever since I was a little kid.

Bwahah. I also went to the Bright Eyes show. It was awesome IMO. I had a damn good time. I got a bad ass shirt :). True Blue was a nice suprise. The whole show was cool. Neva Dinova was great. Jesse Sykes and The Sweethere after were alright. I bought my shirt from their drummer actually. Connor Oberst was drunk as shit, which proved to be amusing. Oh well.

After the show was interesting. A curious dynamic developed, and the night ended on a note that I can not even begin to begin to communicate. Not bad, but sure as fuck not good.

I don't even know.
I have too much to do before 5pm.

Well friends happy Vday,

Bright Eyes and Deaf Ears

Went to the bright Eyes concert at Celebrity last night. I didn't have any parking money on me so I had to park on the street...I'm still surprised that my car is intact...

The concert was pretty good...it was my first concert ever actually...the only problem was that the music was WAY TOO LOUD! Deafening...it detracted from the music...


1) Male fan yells out to Conner "I want to have you children!" Other band member replies "I don't think that's legan in Arizona."

2) Conner falls flat on his ass after trying to play standing on an amp.

3) AFter Conner sips his beer, someyells "chug it!" Conner says "Go back to your frat"

4) Making Alex uncomfortable...

5) "When the President Talks to God..."

6) "True Blue"

out for now,


ba ba blacksheep

I was randomly browsing the blogs and came across this guy:


Very interesting and some similarities to my own life.



I want to wait for you at Brown Park

Amazing, simply amazing.
One day... less in fact, can bring... progress of the soul. A feeling that absolution is near and that no matter what the outcome of the events that will transpire, it will all be good somehow. Pros and cons measured in emotional demerits, and the innumerable nature of these demerits being reduced quickly to a simple counting game.

There is much left to decide, but... the decisions have a new air of clarity. Objective, yet emotional (so therefore, somehow subjective) examination of all possible outcomes of everything. The defeat of the Existential dilema. It still lingers, but is not such a hole in the chest of the soul.

To feel any ray of sun on these recent black days is invigorating. The clouds are breaking. A new beginning? I would not be so brash as to claim such a serious change of nature, yet I can not help but feeling somewhat hopeful about what lies ahead of me.

Changes are manifesting, and things I need are being found. Life is still atrocious, but now its more bearable than it has proven to be in the past.

Good God, Jim.

Wide Eyed and Running,


Too tired

Damn I am tired. Not for any reason really. Just been a long/short weekend.
Friday night, as you may have read, Marc, Alex, and I went out the Buzz. I remember why I always say "I fucking hate the buzz". Its sketchy, and everyone there has a stick up their ass, but hey, still had a moderately fun time.

Saturday I woke up way too early and went to Devry to work. Then I came home and called EB to see what time I worked there. Much to my suprise, I wasn't on the schedule, but I ended up coming anyways for a few hours because I was bored. After that I went out to ASU and got drunk and watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Then I went to IHOP and ate too much, but I held it down.

Sunday I was supposed to go to a Super Bowl party, but it didn't go down. Oh well. Marc and I ended up buying a Football and tossed it around for a while. that was cool.

This week should be pretty damn good actually.
Monday=School, meh... then bowling
Tuesday=ASU for some football and chillin
Wednesday=Probably relax
Thursday=Bright Eyes show
Saturday=More Megan and maybe some other Megan

So, yea, it should be cool. Hopefully all will fall into place.
I don't feel so good lately though, I have felt really ill. My heart seems to be fucked up somehow. I feel a bit empty, but meh... I think I am just too god damn needy lately.

Good Night.



Bump and Grind

Alright, I'm usually the last person to tout my own person, I do have issues of the self. But I've put them aside for at least awhile after tonight. I went to a club with Kevin and Alex and had a moderately good time. The bump and the grind was experienced with a friend who was urged to christen me to the dance floor. That was fun, for various reasons, but being respectful things were kept clean. But being told I was a good dancer set me off for the night, I was set.

We rolled, drank the BAWLS and cranked the music. I have to say, these are the nights I live for. You're out to find pleasure and what you get is meaning. That's the kinda stuff that keeps me living, keeps me breathing, keeps me moderately optimistic.

In other news, my Origin of Species turned into the Origin of Feces when a freak toiletry acident destroyed 74 abriged pages. Oh the humanity! Ironic though.



I typed if, and don't even remember.

I'm currently writing a short story.
About what you ask.
About a guy, named Tom.
He dies. It was supposed to end there.
But I have another short story about David, who is dead and roaming the afterlife.
So I merged the two. And now we have "The air provides little resistance, but the ground does."

Maybe, just maybe I'll post it. maybe... I suppose I will if it turns out like I want it to.

I have been studying a lot of random things lately. My favorite topic I have explored "demons". Not just the red latex, pitchfork toting ones, but other ones like Hurakan the Mayan God of shitty weather (official name) and Women, the Goddesses and nymphs of confussion!

Well Accounting begins.



Someone Pee'd on my computer screen

I am at my crappy computer at work...the screen has this lovely piss yellow tint to it...and my keyboard has sticky keys...this is like the eighth largest newspaper in the country and they can't even buy us good computers...gah...

In other thoughts...how the hell are you?!?! Long time, no blog...

Things have been progressing superbly for me as of late. I just blew out the candles on my 19th birthday cake this past Thursday. Much fun was had this past week.

Two weekends ago I attended the Arizona Umpiring Acadmey out at the new Surprise Stadium. There was one current MLB umpire, several former MLB umpire, and a few up and coming minor league baseball umpiring proscpet as instructors. Three and a half days of intensive and fun umpiring training...I LOVED every second. This has made me want to graduate early to go pursue professional umpiring. I love it... They also awarded me with the Outstanding Student Award, which really meant a lot to me.

I have been insanely busy with 19 credit hours at school...20 hours of one jobs, 2 nights a week at my other and then umpiring...ahhhhhh!

The only damper on my great mood lately has been a lack of a significant other to share it with...but that w ill come i guess...I guess that I miss the feel of looking foward to see someone everyday...thats a good feeling...eh...

All I can say right now is that things are falling in place perfectly for the most part. I can now see some direction in my life, and am looking foward to what these next few years will bring...

Deep. Very deep.

Love yas,

My mouth has tasted like blood all day.

I don't think that is a good thing. Oh well. I had a Lunchable for... Lunch. It was great. I enjoy lunchables greatly. I had a Mountain Dew with it. I also enjoy Mountain Dew, so it was really a pretty good lunch overall. Megan and I are kinda rocky I think. I think she is really caught up in university life that there is alittle time for me. Which is understandable, but tell my damn aching heart that, because he sure as shit isn't listening to me. Oh well...

Meh, I had more to say, but It has gone away,