Rattlesnake Catcalls

Sometimes there's only an eigth of an inch seperating you from utter destruction. I was walking the halls of LSA as per Lynch's request to turn in his evaluations over at LSE (which I had no idea where that was). I was going at a rather quick pace, long strides and quick motion when I heard it. A deadly catcall from one of the prisoners in LSA. I stopped, dead and knew where to find the source, at least I hoped it was the source and glanced at the poised little diamond back in his cage, eyes on me, tail shivering.

To get something straight, I love reptiles, especially snakes. And this was the first time I'd ever had one threatening me. And as I stared back I realized how little there was seperating our two worlds and it dawned on me that this little thing was held at bay by so little, and yet if that small piece of glass was not between us and I had never heard of a rattlesnake, I could certainly be dead with one wrong move. This really isn't so far from the reality of life. What keeps death away but a slim bit of translucent protection that we tell ourselves is sufficient. And a few knowledgeable choices help fend off destruction as well, but knowledge isn't enough, we always need countermeasures and reassurances.

Anyway, as I stared back, his tail stopped waving and seemed to untense. I hefted my evaluations back up and left, thinking on the catcall I'd just recieved from death.



My God.

Its been a pretty laid back couple weeks. I got an "A" in my management 303 class, which was nice to see on a Monday.

It was a good weekend. I got a great bottle of Pinot Noir. It had a very strawberry-esque after taste. Very enjoyable.

Greta and I went to lunch and saw a movie on Friday. Come to think of it. I had a damn good time. I worked all day Saturday and hung out with Greta Saturday night. Sunday I just played Jade Empire all day and went out to a brief dinner with Marc and Brian.

I start a couple classes this week. Math178 and Comp129 (my God, the easiest A, ever). I am looking forward to finishing up this semester. Its been my easiest semester thus far, and for that I am glad. I think I may have just finally adjusted to what I have to do in college. I have broken the high school work paradigm.

This time last year I was just about in Nashville for DECA nationals. Such a grand 'ol time. The Gway DECA team heads to Anahim, CA. tomorrow, best of luck to them.

I am reading a few books right now; Siddhartha, Einstein's Dreams, and Tao Te Ching. They are all interesting in their own right, so all is good.

Its strange, I am like 3 semesters ahead in some of my program and like 1 behind in other parts, so my shcedule is all wierd. I think next semester I am going to take Business Communication, Statistics, TCP/IP, Linux, and Management 404. But I dunno. I have to start taking some humanities.

I just listened to three guys talk about how Disturbed is the best band ever. I want to kill myself.

On a better musical note (get it *wink wink*) I am going to the Good Life show on Wednesday. I am damn excited. I have been listening to Album of the Year all day. I enjoy it greatly.

Life will never be what it was, but it can only be what it is. The value and excitement of everything decreases proportionatly with time alive I believe. I do not feel such fringe emotions much anymore. Perhaps I am burnout on life, on school, on work? I am not unhappy. But I feel I should try to make some changes that would allow me to have a little more freedom in what I do. (ie New Jobs)


If you mother only knew (I'll give that to them),



Existentialism is slowly slipping its way back into my life, and I'm glad I left the window open so it could sneak back in. As I look over at the two lovers on the fouton, I'm reminded that there can be love and beauty in life, even if its not occuring to me. Its rather brilliant as I reflect on it here, posting this bit of gibberish that, on the grand scheme, will disappear. Human existence is so beautiful, so cruel, so brilliant, and so short that its so hard to let it be. We try to box it in to these little parcels we know as stereotypes and sell them through mass media, morality, and laws. But I think we've got it all wrong. These two lovers have every right to express their compassion, I find it sickening to think that someone would sooner stop them then a murderer. And yet, we continue to sell morality in such a manner. This boxed up sale of what success, morality, love, friendship, and the rest of the infinite human expression is too narrow. I've finally drawn the Tao into my existential nature and I think that I've found a new lot in life, a new meaning.

I've made a rather foul mess of things. But I realize now that I would be missed, that my actions are important and impactful. If I quit now then its telling my sister and my mother its okay to quit. I'm telling all those sick people out there that I don't care about their disorders. I'm telling my best friend he has to face his trials alone. I'm telling my teachers I wasn't worth the praise. And I'm telling Kevin and Alex I wasn't worth the time. And I don't want that at all folks. The towel is not yet in the ring no matter how far down the gutter I go - to throughly mix metaphors.

Beauty is in mine eyes.

Your tax dollars at work!

Firstly, let me say that I am slightly opposed to posting under such a zealous title, but alas, my republican side wins out with freedom to speak opinion, so i protest nigh.

Following the trend, i will hereby post a news report that I happened across, titled "Scientists solve unpopped popcorn", as in the remaining kernels at the bottom of every bag. Good to know importent research is being conducted with 1/3 of my earnings! Thank our wonderful government.

Live update: A certain female just got very rediculously pissed off at me and left in a huff. I was trying to help remedy the problem that I was accused of causing, but i had to focus on not laughing at the rediculousness of the situation. Unfortunately it has left my spirits tainted. Gah, idiot women!


The Pope and Coldplay

Clodplay released a new song recently. Very nice. I also see a similarity between Coldplay's lead singer and my HE professor.


Anyone else see it. I'm waiting for him to break out singing in the middle of class.

Also in honor of the Pope, here is a song called Altarboy for your enjoyment.


I've been...distracted...

These last weeks have been tremendously busy for me. As I spiral toward the end of my first year at ASU, I can't beleive on how much has occured. This year has been chalk full of so much...and it will continue, as I will be leaving for London in less than a month...

As much as Marc has been distracted by his BFV, I am increasing being distracted by Robert. I still wonder if he is real at times, or if in giving up the possibilitiy of finding someone weeks ago has driven me to imagine meeting someone as great as him. I'm still in awe every time I see him, and realize how lucky I am. This is for real gentlemen. He is beginning to pull at the heart strings.

Alex summarized this first year well in his last post. You are a good man, my friend.

Marc, do your homwork! ;)

Kevin...I dunno...

I must finish my work. Don't forget to check out my personal blog here. I update it frequntly with my ramblings.




Gawd there is no better word for right now. And I don't even know why - just emo i guess. I do think, however, that my attempts to remedy it only make it worse. To the guys: Even though im not always in the best of spirits, and even though i do often decline offers to go out or get food or whatever, i very much appreciate them all. They're a fish line back to reality for me, and i wanted to say thanks, thanks for not giving up.

In other news, I just got a slap in the face by my bank statements as to how badly my spending has spiraled out of control lately. I must now suck it the fuck up, work more (and harder), and tighten the belt a bit. I also fear that with summer on the horizon, another job is inevitable. *Sigh*. But all things considered: First year of college has been good, a success of sorts. I learned, learned how to learn, found friendship and company, and found out a bit about myself. Not a bad deal. And it only cost me my mental health. What a deal!



Pope-athon 2005!

Well, we've seen the second millenia, a chimp become president twice, and stupidity beyond compare over this last year since we graduated, but how many people can say they went to Pope-athon 2005?

Check out these guys at Pope-athon!

Tens of thousands showed up to see who the new pope would be. And the ballots are in, folks! The new pope is Benedict XVI, or as he was known prior to the election - Ratzinger. Following a recent trend, he's conservative.

In honor of the pope's renaming ceremony, I will be known as Taxitin 'de Behind IV.

At least for as long as I think that's funny.



Mysteries of the Universe. . . 101

Course Description: Yes, the truth comes out. After years and years of research, first-hand observation and experimentation, and much collaboration with colleagues in the field - I have found the answer to one of mankinds oldest and most disturbing questions: With the apparent abundance of (for the purposes of this document, I will use my personal paradigm of the opposite sex; however, assign your own context, even outside the scope of relationships) tangible women, why are they so scarce at the end of the day?

Well, boys and girls, the answer is self evident: it's a matter of scarcity. In Economics, the market mechanism is what sets supply and demand: theoretical curves that dictate the quatities and output available at given prices. In a system of perfect competition (Figure A), the amount of female company the market (read: men) demands, versus the supply of females and their acceptible outputs of affection and other.. less academic.. products, is balanced by a point of equlibrium where Q* is the optimum amount of female output while still catering to a reasonable demand, and thus setting the price P* for the market output (read: Pay for everything, listen to whining, and eventually forfit of your soul). But one would think that competition would drive these prices down, because surely not all, or even many, men are willing to go to such lengths for this quaint level of output, and the invisible hand of competition would drive the price down to a more reasonable level. . .

Figure A
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

HOWEVER! This model is crafted with Perfect Competition assumed. This is the fatal mistake that past theorists in this field have made. In actuality, the market is one more akin to a monopoly, or a market dominated by one producer, where that firm (read: gender) can withhold output and increase price to maximize their profit. And as this firm is the only producer of its good, it is allowed to continue. So as you can see (Figure B), instead of price being driven to the competitive equlibrium of C with full production available to the economy, output is restricted to literally half (Half is shown to be the maximized profit margin) of the total, and price is driven up according to the demand for product. So what results is not only expensive-ass bitches, but also economic and consumer surplus losses that stem from market constriction and are no longer available for consumption.

Figure B

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now, staying true to my republican ways, the last thing I would advocate to remedy this is government regulation (I can see the political scandal and corruption now. . . Bill, the only mistake you made is getting caught!), and unfortunately, I have uncovered the problem but haven't the capacity to reach a solution. It would seem that unless we divide and conquer the monopolists, they will forever reign. However, the flaw with that theory as well is that, as the demand curve indicates, there are always those poor souls who are willing to pay the ultimate (and demanded) price for their women, and that no matter what, scarcity will always exist. I suppose another answer is consumption (read: literally), but alas... i dont think i could eat a whole one...

Dr. Alex, Ph. D.


Well, I find the work of Sartre particularily stimulating in this time of low self esteem. Striving to do my best in this world may not have the desired effect that I wish it to have, but I know that those around me will appreciate the effort. I know I'm responsible for the actions of those around me in some small way and in recent days I have sucumbed to sin and vice. I doubt this has a kharmic response in the scheme of things, I don't believe that jazz, but I do feel that by submitting to these causes I've helped to degrade this world a bit more.

Kevin, Dennis, Alex - I owe you my apologies for recent mood swings and my temper flaring. I don't take criticism well, even if it is earned. Taking it from teachers in the form of grades, from friends, from parents, and from employeers on an hourly basis is debasing me rapidly and I never seem to have time to release. As Kevin put it, I fucked up my life, but I think that if the three of you want to adopt the position that you won't be my parents, than please refrain from the rest of the criticism that I expect to hear when I call home.

I see you as friends, and the only friends I have lately. But I've never felt so detached and further from Sartre's existential world than I do today.


These... Schoolboy... Lies....

Gamestop bought EB today. I am pissed. I hate Gamestop. I hope anyone and everyone from Gamestop reads this. Fuck Gamestop, fuck your shitty merchandising and fuck your deceptive product stickering. I hate all of it. EB Games took the cynaide pill today, no I wait for the beast to die. When it does, I will be gone. I never want to work for Gamestop.

Why the fury? If you have to know e-mail me. I still may not say, but hey what eva.

I have been addicted to the Office over the last couple days. I have the first four episodes on DVD, and I went out and bought the British version today at Best Buy. I am looking forward to watching it tonight at ASU.

Life is good. A little overwhelming, but good.

I could get used to this,


Saving Grace

Have you ever been so ashamed of yourself it hurt? I used to get that a lot when I was much more self critical. But for the first time I feel like I majorily failed. Perhaps I have yet to completely fall face down and eat it. But I feel like I'm pretty close.

Luckily, there is still hope. I do have alternatives to dropping out. Unfortunatly, I can't get too optimisitc about it. I'm hopeful, but not foolish. I'm going to appeal this horrid mess and work my tail off. If I don't get the appeal, well then I'm boned and its time to incur the largest level of debt I've ever seen. Student loans suck, but its my fault and unfortunatly there is little excuse, even if some one else may not think so. I always feel like any excuse makes me less of a man and having to submit to one often leaves me feeling empty.

In other news, paper due in 10 hours and 40 some minutes. I think I can finish it. It's not going to be stellar and I won't get sleep. But, not the end of the world.

Going home tomarrow to finish a scholarship application. I hope I can help deaden this blow.


Workin Retail on DayQuil.

First things first, Dennis congradulations man. I know you have been going through a rough patch lately, you really deserve this. I wish you two the best of luck. *I still gotta meet him foo!*

Second things now. I had a really shite 24 hour bug. I was nautious and my digestive system was out of whack. Now I am just suffering from a stuffy nose and a little Dayquil delerium. I have drank two bottle of that stuff in the last 36 hours. Its works well... but I can't say I'm a big fan of the taste. Its not that bad, but I dunno. I seem to have an easier time drinking Vodka than I do any *quils.

Third things presently. I got Jade Empire for the X-Box, its damn good. I am gonna play it a little bit more tonight. Speaking of X-Box... At work (I work at the Videogame store EB Games) there are about 15 discrepensies with the X-Box counts. In other words, they are basically 15 games we should have, but we don't. I have no idea how that would have happened, but I am bothered by it. I don't want to get in trouble for it. I sure as hell didn't steal anything. I am pretty sure Marc hasn't either.

Fourthly. I dunno... I haven't eaten in like two days. Which sucks. I think I might go get something in a little while before I have to work at Devry.

before I go, a funny ass joke (well... its from an comedy goldmine title "Jokes with realistic Endings")

How do you drown a blonde?
Hold her head underwater until she can no longer breathe and stops struggling.
(^^^Highlight with mouse to see answer^^^)

Well yea. bye everyone.

Making plans in the dark,

Single no More

I am still in awe at the events in the last week and a half. I am no longer single. I can't even comprehend this right now. So, I will write later when words find my keyboard. I thought you'd all like the update.



Fav icon Update 1.5

Reload bookmarks accordingly.
Feedback is requested.



Incompetence!!!! GAH!

Well, congradulations to me - I've joined the ranks of thousands of ASU students who hate PTS (Parking and Transit). Don't get me wrong, I hate ASU in general, closing parking lots, extorting students through tuition and an inspiring variety of other fees, and the ingeniousness of then calling all the parents, who are impoverished from fees as well, and asking for donations. The whole organization is the quintessential model for profit-maximizing business practices. But NOW, they have gone too far.

To recount: In May of last year, I paid $240 out of my ASS for an uncovered, unsecured rooftop parking permit that not only doesn't guarantee me a spot, but also leaves me with a hefty trek to my dorm (even though it's the closest structure to the dorm. Hrmph). The ONE token of clemency (used VERY loosely) is that I -with my "residential" permit- can cross-park in other parking lots at specific evening times as dictated by PTS. (That's correct, my $240 large gets me parking in ONE location for all useful intents and purposes). Those cross-parking times range from 4 PM to 7 AM on weekdays and all of the weekend.

SO, this brings me to my grievance, and the ASU PTS' coup de grace: Last Thursday, while paying an innocent visit to my girlfriend's dorm, I parked in a cross-parkable lot at a cross-parkable time starting from 5:30 PM and leaving at 8 PM. So WHAT, you may ask, did I FIND when I returned to my vehicle at this time in the night?!?! A MOTHER FUCKING $25 dollar ticket. Ok ok so that's not really a big deal, but work with me. I have parked in this lot at this time for the whole YEAR, at least 3 times a week, and this is (interestingly enough if it's really a ticketable offense) my FIRST ticket here. So I proceed to the PTS website (another model of efficency, HA) and grind through their cheezy html-form appeals process, stating why I shouldn't have this ticket.

And now I find myself here today, a victim of the system, with their e-mail response to my appeal saying, verbaitum: "Judgement Decision: Upheld. According to the officer, you were parked in this lot at 7:29 AM (Please note I was ticketed at NIGHT). You are not allowed to cross-park until 4pm to 7:00am." In the words of Kev, WTF.

. . .


P.S. Sorry for the babbling, I needed to vent.
P.S.S. For those who are interested, I must now 1)Pay my ticket in full before I can proceed with legal action as per PTS, and 2)File for a formal hearing on an approved form before a PTS board to have another review. Again, what could say it better? WTF.

Somebody told me...

That Greta has a boyfriend, that looks like a guy... who took her out on Friday... and his name is Josh. He is tEh omGZ BuTTseckxxors hot!!11! *sizzle*

Anyways, despite Greta being a bitch, life is good. She's not really being a bitch, but I typed that and it seemed easier to continue on and explain that she isn't really a bitch right now (but she can be... I digress). Anyways.

I am going to the KILLERS tonight man. I am looking forward to it. I am not the biggest Killer's fan ever, but hey they aren't bad. There are so many awesome concerts coming up. Killers, Good Life, Bright Eyes, The Faint, Team Sleep. I would also like to check out Her Space Holiday and/or Nine Inch Nails at some point.

Speaking of music, for some reason I have been listening to the Van Halen classic "Hot For Teacher". Its not a particularly good song, but who knows.

I am reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime". It is a very good work, I recommend it anyday of the week.

All is well, so good day.

A red so deep,


Apologies and such

I do apologize to all for my incessant bitchiness this past week. I ran out of emotional gas, and just lost it at times. However, a new friend and some sleep have lifted the spirits and given me a new tank of emotional fuel...at least for now.

I am going to try to consciously put my bitchiness in check, even if I am emotionally drained. It is part of my personality that I like least at times. So, if I'm being bitchy at you without cause, hit me over the head and tell me to stop being an ass (minus the physical contact part).

I had lunch with a good friend and former teacher on saturday. We kind of have this lunchtime tradition going about once a month or so. It's always interesting and a good time.

I went to see Fever Pitch with Robert Satuday. The movie was great. Afterwards, becasuse we were both to embarrassed to take the other to the respective houses, we stopped by Amy's (a friend of mine) and watched another movie there...cuddled...and all that good romantic stuff. We lost track of time and ended up not leaving til 4 am. It was a good time, and I feel we connected even more than before. I'm really liking this guy.

This shall be a busy week with a coulpe papers due, a story to write for the republic and much umpiring.

Love yas,

Damp Cotton Clouds

Its been a good weekend. I got a little 5.1 system for my X-Box/PS2/iPod. It sounds pretty good. God....

I have been playing Doom3 on it all day. Dayum. There were a few points where I was actually scared. That was neat. I don't remember the PC version having that much of an impact on me. I also picked up Lego Star Wars, Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Civ 3 Complete, and I pre-paid for Jade Empire LE and Empire Earth 2. I can not wait for Jade Empire. Its done by Bioware (KOTOR) and all the coverage on it seems like its just gonna blow everything out of the water.

Enough of the geekyness. Awww girls. I am going to prom with a cool female friend of mine. its not a date or anything, but I am sure it will be fun. And I am taking a girl out next Saturday. I am not at liberty to talk about it, but lets just say... S.L.W. bwahahahaha.

I drank last night. Drunkeness has become less effective lately. Its kinda sad. But then again. I didn't drink a large amount.

I've decided every month at the appartment I'm going to have a monthly "Substance Abuse Saturday". That title is slightly over exagerated, because there won't be many substances, but any addiction that we may have, this will be the day to indulge ourselves. Girls, Battlefield, boys..., alcohol, heroin, whateva. its all good brotha.

The clock for the appartment is the shit. That shit is the time.

Anyways... I just thought I would check in.

Just a Phoenician thing,
K3v1n 7****



So, two parties tonight - I didn't go to either of 'em. Yes, I know I'm a lazy bum. I'd rather be posting here tomarrow about that fine woman I met with Joel (Thank God he's back!) or how Beth reacted when I actually showed up to her party that she finally invited me to. But rather than be constructive with either social life or my scholastic life, I've been pissing away the seconds.

In regards to the blog, its an outlet for us to express or denounce our feelings and events. That said, there are positive ways in which to do this. I'm glad we resolved our differences and hope that we can continue to do so.

As I said, I intend to not post bitchiness on here, at least for awhile. But I'm working tomarrow and I'm not really happy about it. I'm out of time for my school work, I'm in over my head and drowning. Those parties sound better and better by the minute, but this pressure to work and then the pressure to do nothing puts me in limbo.

Metaphorically speaking, I would rather be dead than in limbo.

I don't get it. Just yesterday I was so enthusiastic, I was so willing to get this stuff done, and now... it seems impossible. Am I just having mood swings, random bouts of depression? Am I just tired? I do feel a bit sick...



Again the pendulum swings back to neutral, and equlibrium is reestablished. Ahh. *Deep Breaths*

I'm glad the team is more than 4 sissies who cannot resolve anything constuctively and just deepen the divides through gossip and attrition. Again, gentlemen, we have demonstated serenity in a time of unrest and risen to the challenges that will no doubt continue through next year - though now more than ever I am steadfast in my belief of our friendship's ability to transcend adversity.

In other news, as Kev put it best: I don't want to see this blog fall apart or disappear through neglect (this means you Dennis, you infidelitous(?) blogger @ dsmitch.com!). I, again as Kev said, like to check this place regularly for simple food for thought. We have 4 (count 'em, all 4) great minds at work here, and the flow of information is unending and always of interest. So. . . Keep 'em coming.

Women are funny. That's my sentiment for today. Self-explanitory as anything.


P.S. Dennis: rename at your pleasure, but think carefully before letting your pleasure rename. . . j/k ;-)


Time out

I made a bigger deal out of things than i needed to, and I think I've accidently brought up some things in this group that need to be addressed, as we will be doing later tonight when we are all down here.

I think we should temporarily close the blog until we figure out something like what should be posted, changing blog title...ect...

See you all tonight, in better spirits I hope.


Unformatted mess, fuck you.

So yea, I am not going to comment on the whole situation.But I will say in my TCM343 class I got the teacher to add Tim Kasher (of Cursive/The Good Life) as a user.To Marc, you didn't break my trust. You have been there, and despite your faults sometimes, I love ya to death.Alex, I love the favicon.Dennis, sorry I pissed you off. I'm a drummer, foo. Tapping is what I do.Anyways... I don't know what the hell is going on. So yea... I guess I'll go....bye (for the last time...?)Kevin.

Yes, Dennis wins.

I've said what I had to say to Dennis and perhaps I need to say more, but regardless this was not Kevin's fault and should anyone ever think that they're dead wrong. I broke Kevin's trust by bringing up a solitary incident at a moment when I felt particularily injured. I can only take so much criticism in a day and what I said unintentionally stung. That said, this IS NOT going to be a public feud. If certain individuals have a problem with me they can punish me and not my friends.

I won't be posting on here again till I have something positive to say, this is just a place where I bitched.

Signing off,



Not much to say. Check out the FavIcon (the icon next to the URL in Firefox). Let me know for any comments as its in its beta stage. Also Dennis: your renaming-the-title-of-our-blog privileges have been revoked unanimously. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a nice day.



A turn of events...

I have been battling spouts of lonliness for the past couple of months, as you may have read...

(A quick note that I have created my own private blog site. I am not sure what I will be posting there, how personal I will be, ect...i might password protect it for friends only...check it out here)

Life, again, amazes me at how quickly things can and will change.

I went to Pride on Saturday with my good friend Brien and the guy he is dating Mike. We had fun amidst the masses of rainbow colors and pairs of same-sex couples walking together holding hands without anyone questioning them. It was a beautiful thing...as love usually is when allowed to grow.

Well, the three of us decided to buy tickets for the official Pride after-party at the Icehouse downtown.

A two hour nap later, and I was entering this huge concrete building with Techno music and stobe lighting blaring on the main dance floor, a calmer laid back area outside and then the 21+ drinking/party area on the side. I ran into on of my best friends I've know since kindergarten there to my surprise, and had much fun catching up with her. While we chatted, Brien saw this very cute guy standing around and looking lonely. The group tried to get me to go say hi to him, and after escaping their attempt to drag me over to him because of my shyness in things of this nature, Mike took matters into his hands and went and told the guy something...probably along the lines of "my friend thinks your cute..."

This is where I met Robert. We talked for much of the rest of the night (several hours) with a dance bit in between. It was very nice. We left at two in the morning holding hands as we walked to our cars. The night ended with a sweet, quick peck on the lips. So perfect.

Tonight (Monday) we went on our first official date. We met at Chilis on Mill. We taked through and past dinner, and then went walking down Mill. We had fun browsing in Borders and then talked all the way down and back up the avenue (a long walk!). Not once was there any awkward silence. The evening ended with a hug in the parking lot (as a hetero couple looked at us in shock...hehe) and promises to call and meet again this weekend.

Right now, I sit typing in amazment that I have found someone that I share so much in common with, and feel a connection to. I sit here, as Marc described it, not exuberantly happy, but deep-down-inside happy--a feeling I haven't had in a while. But, I'm still cautiously optimistic, as with all matters of this type should be approached.



First with your hands.


Mitch Hedberg is dead. That makes me sad. He was one of my favorite comedians, and he was found this week in his hotel room. He apperently died of a heart attack at age 37. Go out and pick up a CD of his. It will make you laugh. He was truely a genius. Its a damn shame that he had to go so early.

Along with Mitch, several other people died this week. I will post a list of the most notable ones.

courtesy of wikipedia.org.

March 27-April 2
Pope John Paul II
Cheryl Barrymore
Harald Juhnke
Frank Perdue
Terri Schiavo
Thomas J. Brazaitis
Robert Creeley
Milton Green
Mitch Hedberg
Fred Korematsu
Hideaki Sekiguchi
Ootupulackal Velukkuty Vijayan
Johnnie Cochran
Howell Heflin
Tom Bevill
Pál Losonczi
Dame Moura Lympany
Bob Casey
Grant Johannesen
Ahmed Zaki
Joaquín Luqui
Andrew Toti
Rigo Tovar

So there you have it. Its kind of comforting most of those people were pretty old.

On to better topics. Sin City is damn great. Marc said it all pretty much, so I won't repeat his rant, but I must say it was overall very genius.

I'm going out tonight... on a date. I know I know. Its actually my first one ever... Wish me luck.

Whatever may bewilder me,

Sin City, BABY!

Yeah! Are you ready to roll?

Guys, I rarely get worked up about movies, and my favorites change very rarely but Sin City takes the cake. Cinematography, acting, directing, story and action all wrapped up into the best movie I've seen in a long time. There's just something about Bruce Willis tearing a man's genitalia off with his bare hands and pounding his skull into powder. I won't ruin much of it for you folks, just take my word for it, its amazing. Even the staunch Christians acknowledged how well it was done (despite its blasphemy!) looky here => http://www.movieguide.org/index.php?s=reviews&id=6830

In other news, another feeding tube patient recently passed away at the age of 84. Were I still a religious man I'd be grieving much more than I am. As it is, I tip my metaphorical hat to the Pope and wish him luck in the afterlife.

That being said, I recently heard a few stories about the Schaivo case and while it truly holds no bearing now that she's gone, I feel that it's important to reiterate that the problems between Schaivo's family and husband are irrelevant as its not a matter of state or federal intervention. My whole argument was not one of morality on the sake of Schavio, I felt I didn't hold any say in whether she lived or died, but I do feel a certain moral responsibility as a part of this society to make sure that her rights as well as her loved ones maintained their rights. I'm glad that our Supreme Court was not compromised for the sake of politics.

In personal news, Alex, sorry to hear you're all alone out there. I know what it feels like, many a nights I've spent in that seedy building by myself when Dennis and you were gone. I hated weekends there. But don't let yourself slide into depression, you're far better than that. And thanks again for the motivation bro, I'm taking it to heart.

Sincerely bitches,

Life, or Something Like It

What the fuck?!


That's all I have to say.

I'm pretty emo right now, but I got out all of my emotions already through other means so that they would not engulf this place. Pretty crazy stuff's been going down though. Makes one think and appreciate...

Sorry, I've been even more cryptic than usual, but I'm sitting here in Tempe, alone, not wanting to sleep, but having exhausted all means of distraction. So I am left with the thoughts in my head, and they wanted to overflow somewhere, so.. here I am.

I realize now also that I never really appreciated anything, and I probably never will, even with knowing that. I also know that, like anything, telling something to others in hopes of complete reciprocal understanding is futile, because I dont even know what i understand. Meh. Anyway...