I've been...distracted...

These last weeks have been tremendously busy for me. As I spiral toward the end of my first year at ASU, I can't beleive on how much has occured. This year has been chalk full of so much...and it will continue, as I will be leaving for London in less than a month...

As much as Marc has been distracted by his BFV, I am increasing being distracted by Robert. I still wonder if he is real at times, or if in giving up the possibilitiy of finding someone weeks ago has driven me to imagine meeting someone as great as him. I'm still in awe every time I see him, and realize how lucky I am. This is for real gentlemen. He is beginning to pull at the heart strings.

Alex summarized this first year well in his last post. You are a good man, my friend.

Marc, do your homwork! ;)

Kevin...I dunno...

I must finish my work. Don't forget to check out my personal blog here. I update it frequntly with my ramblings.



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