My God.

Its been a pretty laid back couple weeks. I got an "A" in my management 303 class, which was nice to see on a Monday.

It was a good weekend. I got a great bottle of Pinot Noir. It had a very strawberry-esque after taste. Very enjoyable.

Greta and I went to lunch and saw a movie on Friday. Come to think of it. I had a damn good time. I worked all day Saturday and hung out with Greta Saturday night. Sunday I just played Jade Empire all day and went out to a brief dinner with Marc and Brian.

I start a couple classes this week. Math178 and Comp129 (my God, the easiest A, ever). I am looking forward to finishing up this semester. Its been my easiest semester thus far, and for that I am glad. I think I may have just finally adjusted to what I have to do in college. I have broken the high school work paradigm.

This time last year I was just about in Nashville for DECA nationals. Such a grand 'ol time. The Gway DECA team heads to Anahim, CA. tomorrow, best of luck to them.

I am reading a few books right now; Siddhartha, Einstein's Dreams, and Tao Te Ching. They are all interesting in their own right, so all is good.

Its strange, I am like 3 semesters ahead in some of my program and like 1 behind in other parts, so my shcedule is all wierd. I think next semester I am going to take Business Communication, Statistics, TCP/IP, Linux, and Management 404. But I dunno. I have to start taking some humanities.

I just listened to three guys talk about how Disturbed is the best band ever. I want to kill myself.

On a better musical note (get it *wink wink*) I am going to the Good Life show on Wednesday. I am damn excited. I have been listening to Album of the Year all day. I enjoy it greatly.

Life will never be what it was, but it can only be what it is. The value and excitement of everything decreases proportionatly with time alive I believe. I do not feel such fringe emotions much anymore. Perhaps I am burnout on life, on school, on work? I am not unhappy. But I feel I should try to make some changes that would allow me to have a little more freedom in what I do. (ie New Jobs)


If you mother only knew (I'll give that to them),


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