Rattlesnake Catcalls

Sometimes there's only an eigth of an inch seperating you from utter destruction. I was walking the halls of LSA as per Lynch's request to turn in his evaluations over at LSE (which I had no idea where that was). I was going at a rather quick pace, long strides and quick motion when I heard it. A deadly catcall from one of the prisoners in LSA. I stopped, dead and knew where to find the source, at least I hoped it was the source and glanced at the poised little diamond back in his cage, eyes on me, tail shivering.

To get something straight, I love reptiles, especially snakes. And this was the first time I'd ever had one threatening me. And as I stared back I realized how little there was seperating our two worlds and it dawned on me that this little thing was held at bay by so little, and yet if that small piece of glass was not between us and I had never heard of a rattlesnake, I could certainly be dead with one wrong move. This really isn't so far from the reality of life. What keeps death away but a slim bit of translucent protection that we tell ourselves is sufficient. And a few knowledgeable choices help fend off destruction as well, but knowledge isn't enough, we always need countermeasures and reassurances.

Anyway, as I stared back, his tail stopped waving and seemed to untense. I hefted my evaluations back up and left, thinking on the catcall I'd just recieved from death.



Anonymous greta said...

jesus christ, one of you mofos needs to update. AND FAST. i'm getting antsy here without your (collective 'your', now, so don't anyone get jealous or anything) pithy wisdom.

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