These... Schoolboy... Lies....

Gamestop bought EB today. I am pissed. I hate Gamestop. I hope anyone and everyone from Gamestop reads this. Fuck Gamestop, fuck your shitty merchandising and fuck your deceptive product stickering. I hate all of it. EB Games took the cynaide pill today, no I wait for the beast to die. When it does, I will be gone. I never want to work for Gamestop.

Why the fury? If you have to know e-mail me. I still may not say, but hey what eva.

I have been addicted to the Office over the last couple days. I have the first four episodes on DVD, and I went out and bought the British version today at Best Buy. I am looking forward to watching it tonight at ASU.

Life is good. A little overwhelming, but good.

I could get used to this,


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