I support heart disease, rebellions, and splinter cell

Its Monday! Suprised that I am posting? I sure as hell am not. I am excited. Life is good once again.

I went on a great date Saturday night with the illustrious Kim Lin. She is very neat and has a great deal of ambition. She can be a bit sarcastic, but its all good. Apperently she drives a Lexus (spoiled). We saw Kicking and Screaming which was alright. Its not the best movie that I have ever seen, but it was horrible. We hung out at an arcade and she kicked my ass at Tekken. We played house of the dead for a while which was cool. Then I kicked her as at DDR, and that just is horrible on such a multitude of levels.

I saw Star Wars a couple times. I liked it a lot both times, but the second time i seemed to enjoy a bit more. Then again this was at the Cine Capri (AZ largest screen, that doesn't play crappy educational movies.) so it was just a bit better.

I borrowed Ninja Gaiden from Mitch. I owned on that game about two years ago, but now I am feeling a bit rusty, and I am getting pwned but the ninjas.

I have an interview today at the Arizona Attorney General's office. I am nervous, but excited. I am qualified, but I have no formal "office" experience. Then again, I have TAed at Devry for 2 semesters and I have troubleshoot some interesting problems (the Chef Machine was interesting, it was a machine that must have been convinced it was a chef because it loved to cook hard drives).

Well all is good.

Tried to understand,


Alas, Babylon

And so the cycle lives on, and this blog, once abundant with new posts, now (for the most part) lies mute. As Kev said, I will continue to post occasionally, but right now seems to be the transitional period in the 4 lives concerned with this site. I feel that it will pick back up in July . . don't know why i sense that . . anyway...

Very exited about the apartment, I am (catch the pun for the other excitement: SW episode III?). My B-day is in a week or so also, sadly I'm hoping for all the excitement a new desk will bring, as my damn huge (and damn beautiful) computer monitor needs its space in the apt. Unfortunately, as Kev also said, interesting events seem to be at an all time low, so without further ado . . . Catch you on the flip side.



I guess God just calls a spade a spade

I always seem to write here consistently on Monday morning. I think it is because I am usually sitting at a computer here at work staring blankly trying to figure out things to keep my mind occupied. This blog fufils that purpose pretty well actually.

It's been a while since I have written in here, I have been busy with work and school. There has been very few "blogable" events recently, but there have been a few.

The apartment is in the final steps of coming to fruition. The move in date is set in early July. If you live in Phoenix and know us, get a hold of us, as I'm sure we will have a few celebratory evenings. All should be good, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

Last Friday Marc had a small shindig with a few people, and lots of "alcohol". It was pretty cool. I got a little more toasty than I probably should have, but oh well. I gotta live it up while I still can.

Then, this past Saturday I went to the Phoenix Country Day School prom. That was a crazy evening. There was lots of sex (none for me), alcohol, a moon bounce, jacuzzi, my hooka (recently named Lil' Jimmy), crying, fighting, a pissing contest (not lietaral), flattery, aquisition, loss, happiness, and sorrow. I can't go into to much detail because most of it is confidential information that I have been sworn to an oath of secrecy by, but lets just say girls sure love to kiss other girls apperently.

The NIN album is pretty neat, go get it.

Bye bye,


Dumb Bitch Found

Well I'm sure we've all heard of Ms. Willbanks and how she went missing, supposedly kidnapped. And if you've been watching the news at all, the bride to be was the point of a great deal of anguish as her home town searched fruitlessly for her. Turns out she just had cold feet. What a dumb bitch. She cost $60,000 and all because she just couldn't say no.

What a riot.


Stay behind the wheel

I am in a suprisingly good mood despite:
a)Being at work.
b)Its a Monday.
c)Ok, there is no C.

I have found that something its therapeutic to take the long way somewhere if you are already late.

I am eating the best lunchable I have ever had.

I bought my Bright Eyes ticket. I am damn exited.

I saw Good Life last week. Did I mention that? It was incredible. Tim Kasher is the coolest mofo ever.

Well... back to FreeCiv

Stay in front of the storm,