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Its Monday! Suprised that I am posting? I sure as hell am not. I am excited. Life is good once again.

I went on a great date Saturday night with the illustrious Kim Lin. She is very neat and has a great deal of ambition. She can be a bit sarcastic, but its all good. Apperently she drives a Lexus (spoiled). We saw Kicking and Screaming which was alright. Its not the best movie that I have ever seen, but it was horrible. We hung out at an arcade and she kicked my ass at Tekken. We played house of the dead for a while which was cool. Then I kicked her as at DDR, and that just is horrible on such a multitude of levels.

I saw Star Wars a couple times. I liked it a lot both times, but the second time i seemed to enjoy a bit more. Then again this was at the Cine Capri (AZ largest screen, that doesn't play crappy educational movies.) so it was just a bit better.

I borrowed Ninja Gaiden from Mitch. I owned on that game about two years ago, but now I am feeling a bit rusty, and I am getting pwned but the ninjas.

I have an interview today at the Arizona Attorney General's office. I am nervous, but excited. I am qualified, but I have no formal "office" experience. Then again, I have TAed at Devry for 2 semesters and I have troubleshoot some interesting problems (the Chef Machine was interesting, it was a machine that must have been convinced it was a chef because it loved to cook hard drives).

Well all is good.

Tried to understand,


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