It's become a bit run down here...

Hi all! It's been ages since I last posted on this site of memories. Several reasons.

One, I now have my own website/blog that I have quite fell in love with. (www.dsmitch.com).

Two, I was not pleased at the direction this blog was going for me. Every time I posted, it was generally about my crappy mood, or went too deep into details about my life that, upon further thought, should not be made readily avilable to the public eye. So, in that sense, I've decided to keep my personal life, at least for now, more personal and confined to close friends.

Three, this site carries some bad memories from the past year that I'd like to forget. When the apartment commences, I'm sure we can all talk about the future of this blog, or any other similar venture by the group.

I do hate to see it die, but I'm not confortable with how it was going on here for me.

Thoughts for now.


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