Well here I am, taking one for the team. I gotta get up in about 6 hours, but I'm here pumping life into this vegetable of a website. Interesting events have transpired in the past few weeks, leaving me at a bit of a loss as to direction and planning in my life. I seem to be teetering on a climax between two completely different paths. And sadly, as so often i feel in my life, i have very little impact on the direction in which I'll travel. A mere passenger.

I think we all forget a little too often that the sun will always rise tomorrow. In life, people tend to get very wrapped up in the contention of the moment, and neglect the long term - or the fact that there even IS a long term at all. I feel increasingly excited about what the future will bring, partly due to the fact that the past few weeks have brought with them a more overt sense of independence in me, and even though i don't know about many aspects of what is to come, I still feel I have a bit more control over my life and its course. So: Take a deep breath all. Tomorrow will come regardless.

Carpe Diem,


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